Top 5 Aesthetically
pleasing brunch cafes you need to visit ASAP

“ Shipping containers belong on the harbour they said. Shipping containers are only for storage they said.

It’s the 21st century and anything is possible.”


Melbourne's top 50 cafes 2016

“Converted shipping containers and an urban garden have transformed a vacant Footscray corner into a buzzing cafe destination.”

the age - good food guide


Melbourne's best new cafes 2015

“One of the great things about Melbourne is the entrepreneurial spirit of the young people who start cafes here ... Add great Small Batch coffee – voila: pop-up cafe pleasure”

the age - good food guide


5 amazing cafes in Melbourne’s inner suburbs worth travelling for

“Who could have thought that disused, 40 feet shipping containers in an abandoned car park in Footscray could be refurbished into something sleek and stylish? The folks over at Rudimentary have done just that for their cafe, which also boasts a large kitchen garden and a lawn out front!.”

Meld Magazine


The best places to have breakfast in Melbourne in 2016

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The best cafes in Melbourne

“We wish we were one of the lucky locals..This is Footscray 2.0.”

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8 Must-Sip Cafes to Try in Melbourne

“Rudimentary is just as interesting to look at and explore as it is to eat at. Combine the tasty fare with the impeccable and interesting styling of Desmond Huynh, and you’ll find yourself in one incredibly hip, delicious and unforgettable café."

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25 cafes in Melbourne's suburbs that are worth travelling for out of the city centre.

“Neighbourhood cafe Rudimentary offers a unique dining experience unlike any other. The premises feature sleek shipping containers – characterised by shades of black and brown – surrounded by brick tiles and Astro Turf. These containers are mobile; Rudimentary can pack up and relocate anytime."

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8 Of Melbourne’s Most Experimental Cafes

“ Rudimentary is far from basic–it’s a sleek, ultra-hip space that aims to contribute to the transformation and evolution of one of Melbourne’s most culturally rich suburbs."

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Never has disused been more useful

“A fresh cafe made from disused shipping containers in an abandoned car park. It's so fresh, in fact, that you can spy the chefs strolling from the kitchen to the garden with a pair of scissors in hand."

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New café in Melbourne’s west embraces sustainable living

“The latest café to open in Melbourne’s culturally diverse suburb of Footscray is inspired by more than just good food and coffee.

Made of shipping containers with a large outdoor area, sprawling herb garden and 20,000-litre water tank, Rudimentary is just as much about creating a sustainable community space."

the fifth estate


Civic Award

“New and emerging business award."

Maribynong city council


50 Melbourne Brunch Dishes To Try In 2017

Rudimentary’s ‘Green Eggs’ are smothered in basil pesto and pancetta served on fresh sourdough and practically begging for a side of potato hash."

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Best Breakfast in Melbourne

“Breakfast is the closest thing we have to a national cuisine. Here we pay tribute to Melbourne’s best; places shaping the very definition of the pre-midday meal. Others we’ve selected for consistent performance – they’ve nailed the classics and learnt how to handle the crowds that follow.

Some are big, some are small. Some are secluded neighbourhood prizes, others pull customers from across the city. But they all have one thing in common: they represent the best morning dining Melbourne has to offer."



Melbourne's best cafés

“In the west, places like Rudimentary (16-20 Leeds St, Footscray, 0497 058 173), a good-looking venue fashioned from three shipping containers, keep this area's café-hotspot status on the boil."

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Where to Drink Coffee in Melbourne

"Westside Rudimentary goes well beyond what its name might suggest. Based out of a converted trio of shipping containers on a long-disused lot in Footscray, Rudimentary is a hyper-sustainable community spot. It even has an on-site garden, watered from the cafe's own collected rainwater."


Best coffee on campus at Melbourne's top universities

"Light and bright container cafe that automatically makes you feel happier just by visiting — which is a pretty great way to feel when heading in to back-to-back lectures.."

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Best Cafes in Footscray and Seddon

Rudimentary Cafe takes a basic shipping container, adds a sustainable garden, and creates an urban paradise"


Melbourne’s Brunch Hit List

“Rudimentary's menu is as short and sweet as its shipping container-shaped home.."

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Footscray area guide

“The best restaurants, bars, shops and events in Footscray.”

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Melbourne’s Deliciously Different Breakfasts

Rudimentary by name but definitely not by nature. The interior has been spruced up with white walls and polished floorboards and outside there’s a community garden from where the chefs pluck fresh herbs for garnishing their picture-perfect dishes. It’s the sort of place where you’ll want to linger, a prospect made even more appealing by the modest but considered beer, wine and cocktail list.”

qantas magazine


The 12 Best Hidden Cafes In Melbourne

“A sign of the times and the sign of a growing cafe, arts and music culture in the western ‘burbs has seen Rudimentary open up in Footscray ... it’s housed in one of the most well-designed shipping container conversions that you’ll ever see.


21 Bucket-list Cafes Around The World That You Need To Have Coffee At


8 Essential Brunch Spots In Melbourne

“Part eatery, part veggie garden, Rudimentary is one of the most exciting café concepts to come out of Melbourne this side of the millennium. The café itself is housed in shipping containers, which can be picked up and moved whenever needs be, with cosy seating in the converted industrial structures and garden tables outside."

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Back to Basics at Rudimentary

"What was once an unused, dilapidated corner block in Footscray has been transformed into an AstroTurf garden with a new cafe niftily fashioned from three shipping containers."



Green business spotlight

“Their beliefs on sustainability and simplicity are reflected in their beautiful cafe created out of 3 Shipping containers, making it easy to adapt if necessary. Rudimentary is a great example of putting green business initiatives into practice - it's more than a cafe, it's just as much about creating a sustainable community space for people to gather & enjoy."

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